Hand Crafted Brews

Our lineup of brews changes almost on a weekly basis, but below is a list of all the beers that we brew throughout the seasons. To find out what beers are currently on tap, refer to "Beers on Tap" and feel free to subscribe to our feed or bookmark this page to follow your favorite beers at the Aiken Brewing Company.

Aiken’s Natural Blonde
Light Golden color with a nice dense white head. Crisp and clean pale malt flavor with just a hint of hop flavor and aroma.
4.2% by volume
Czech Pilsner
Brewed once a year using German malt, this lager is characterized by its bright golden color rich maltiness and assertive hoppiness derived from Czech Saaz hops. A Bohemian style delight!
5.8% by volume
Double Pale Ale
Deep amber in color with a pronounced malty sweetness, hints of caramel and a generous addition of earthy flavored East Kent Goldings hops. This brew is a high gravity version of our traditional English Pale Ale and packs quite a punch!
8.8% by volume
English IPA
Deep amber in color with a pronounced malty sweetness, hints of caramel and a generous addition of earthy flavored East Kent Goldings hops.
6.2% by volume
German Doppel Bock
The flagship dark Lager of the Christmas season, this strong, rich dark brown brew has low hop bitterness and a subtle roasted malt flavor. Its higher alcohol content makes it smooth and warming going down. Pairs beautifully with the Holiday Spirit!
8.9% by volume
German Hefe Weizen
Light Golden color with a dense white head. This beer is semi-dry with hints of citrus, banana, and clove. The cloudy appearance is due to the unique strain of yeast which remains in suspension and imparts most of the flavor characteristics.
5.2% by volume
German Kölsch
Brewed with German Pilsner malt, this light straw colored, lower alcohol beer has a dry finish which, when coupled with its higher carbonation, results in its refreshing, eminently drinkable quality. A great session beer!
5.2% by volume
German Oktoberfest
Generally available in mid to late October, this rich reddish amber lager has a dense, rocky head and subdued hoppiness which accentuates the sweetness of its malt flavor. Perfect for Autumn afternoons!
6.3% by volume
Honey Wheat
Straw Golden color with a nice dense white head resulting from the wheat malt. Crisp and clean with just a hint of clover honey sweetness.
5.5% by volume
Irish Oatmeal Stout
This sweet stout is dark black with moderate body and a dense brown head. The malty sweet chocolate flavors are balanced with coffee-like characters of black malt and roasted barley. Oatmeal is added for a silky smooth mouth feel
5.2% by volume
Jenny's Cream 500
Golden in color with a dense white head. Light and refreshing with a hint of sweetness from flaked corn and a subtle hop flavor and aroma.
5.2% by volume
London Porter
This deep mahogany beer is full bodied with a dense brown head balancing malty sweet chocolate and caramel flavors with the coffee-like character of black malt. Just enough hops are added to highlight the deep rich malt character.
6.2% by volume
Nitro Stout
A complex flavored black semi-sweet ale with a dense light tan exceptionally creamy head. When poured the effervescent nitrogen in solution makes the bubbles in the beer appear to be going downward in the glass instead of rising to the surface.
5.2% by volume
Nut Brown Ale
This brown ale has a mildly nutty character, gentle sweetness and low bitterness making it a delightful “sipping” beer!
5.2% by volume
Old Aiken Ale
The strongest beer offered by Aiken Brewing Company, this high alcohol barleywine is fruity with hints of currant and raisin. Its significant malt intensity with just enough hop bitterness for balance makes for a delightful a winter warmer!
10.0% by volume
Randy’s Grand Cru
Lite and refreshing with a hint of wheat malt flavored with orange peel, coriander, and clover honey.
5.2% by volume
Strong Scotch Ale
Also known as a “Wee Heavy”, this richly malty, dark ruby brown ale originated in Scotland where hops for bittering were not native and used only sparingly. This higher alcohol beer is characteristically lightly hopped resulting in a caramel sweetness with a roasted malt almost smoky aroma.
8.9% by volume
Thoroughbred Red
Deep amber in color with a dense rich foamy head. The flavor is dominated by toasted malts with hints of caramel and very well balanced with English hops.
5.2% by volume
West Coast Pale Ale
Light amber in color with a pronounced malty sweetness and a generous addition of assertive centennial and cascades hops. A great balance of malt and hops.
6.2% by volume